BREITBART: Exclusive — Mike Pence: ‘Like Every 80-Year-Old,’ Joe Biden Has ‘Lost a Step’BREITBART:

‘Joe Biden is 80 years old. Like every 80-year-old, he’s lost a step,’ Pence said of Biden when asked to react to the fall Biden had last week. ‘But make no mistake about it: Joe Biden has always been dead wrong. I’ve known him a long time. His views on foreign policy, his big spending ways, and his liberal social agenda, that all is who Joe Biden and it’s the reason why we have to defeat him. It’s clear that the Democratic Party is rallying around the failed policies of the Biden Administration and I think it’s absolutely essential that we put forward a mainstream conservative agenda grounded in the movement that has delivered victories for our party over the past many years and will deliver a victory in 2024.’

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