ICYMI: Pence Barnstorms Iowa

12 Stops, 10 Counties, One More Pizza RanchHere’s What They Are Saying
AXIOS – Pence’s McCain moment

Former Vice President Mike Pence was confronted at an event in Iowa last night by an angry voter who claimed his actions on Jan. 6, 2021 — when Pence presided over the joint session of Congress certifying Biden’s victory — are the reason Trump is no longer in office.

What they’re saying: “The Constitution affords no authority — to the vice president or anyone else — to reject votes or return votes to the states,” Pence, a long shot to win a GOP primary dominated by his former boss, patiently explained.”Never been done before, should never be done in the future. I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s actually what the Constitution says.””And I want to tell you, with all due respect … President Trump was wrong about my authority that day, and he’s still wrong,” Pence concluded.Flashback: Pence’s response drew comparisons to a powerful moment on the campaign trail in 2008, when then-Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) shut down a voter who said she couldn’t trust Barack Obama because he was “an Arab.”“No, ma’am,” McCain said as he grabbed the microphone, cutting the woman off.”He’s a decent family man, citizen that just I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what the campaign’s all about.”

IACaucuses.org – Mike Pence Is Real

He said all the right things.  He has years of experience so that is the least we would expect.  But it was not a fake or a purely memorized presentation of himself.  He did give a short intro of his life, but quickly transitioned to a question and answer period.

He said he was going to shake every single person’s hand in the room.  He did.

This is a man and campaign I can get behind.  Will he be the one?  It’s still way to early for that decision.  But he has certainly not been ruled out.

CNN – Pence Tries Wooing Iowans, one Pizza Ranch Slice at a Time

…At an ice cream shop in Le Mars, Mavis Luther had just listened to Pence speak and answer questions for 90 minutes. The event was small enough that Luther could take a picture with Pence and chat with him. “It’s wonderful!” she exclaimed after she met him. “It’s the only way to have a chance to really know how they feel and answer questions at your level – of the community, country and our state.”

Le Mars Sentinel

Mike Pence says Iowa will be key to his chances of becoming president. Pence launched his presidential campaign in Iowa in June, and on Wednesday in Le Mars, the former vice president said he must do well in the Hawkeye State in the 2024 Republican Caucuses to remain a viable candidate. “I think we need to do well in Iowa,” Pence said during a meet-and-greet event at Wells Visitor Center & Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Le Mars. “We’re going to work our hearts out.” Later, in a one-on-one interview with The Le Mars Sentinel, he repeatedly said Iowa is a priority for him. Pence said he and his wife Karen, who accompanied him on Wednesday, will be in Iowa many times before the caucuses. It reminds him of his home state, he said, with its focus on faith, family and freedom, and he hopes that helps him forge a connection with Iowa Republicans.

Radio Iowa

… “One of the things I’ve learned traveling the nation over the last two years is that I’m well known, but I don’t think we’re known well,” Pence said early this morning.

“Most Americans know me as a loyal lieutenant standing beside the president right up until my oath to the Constitution required me to do otherwise, but the story of our family, the story of our service, the story of a family that’s lived the American dream, that I’ve been a champion of the conservative movement all my life — that’s a story I’ll look forward to telling on the debate stage and in all 99 counties of Iowa before we get to that Caucus.”

KCCI – Des Moines

With months until the Iowa caucuses, Pence said, “It was vitally important to be here where the journey to the White House always begins,” emphasizing the need for “new leadership” in the Republican Party and in the White House.

Associated Press

…Former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis do not grasp the broader implications of their call for limited military assistance to Ukraine, former Vice President Mike Pence told The Associated Press in Iowa Wednesday.
“With all due respect, I think the former president and the governor of Florida just don’t understand Americans’ national interest in supporting the Ukrainian military in repelling the Russian military in Ukraine,” Pence, who is competing with Trump and DeSantis for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, said during the interview before a campaign event in Sioux City.

Sioux City Journal

Former Vice President Mike Pence told a crowded room of Iowa voters Wednesday that the Republican Party could ill-afford to dwell on the past with the 2024 presidential election looming. But during his campaign stop at the Sioux City Pizza Ranch, Pence…touted his legislative record which reaches back more than two decades.


Pence was accompanied by 4th district Congressman Randy Feenstra and took numerous questions from the crowd including about how the Justice Department seems to currently be two tiered in dealing with Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.