Press Release

Pence Releases Plan to Put America’s Families and Values First

(Washington, DC) – Vice President Pence today released his plan to restore the American family in an address at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington, D.C. From the cost of food to energy to healthcare to housing, American families are having to pay more for less. American family values are also under attack like never before as schools teach children to hate their own history, and that boys are girls and girls are boys. Vice President Pence understands we must turn our nation around, and it starts with families. As President, Mike Pence will fight to put American families first, and he will do this by recommitting to our conservative values of life, liberty, and religious freedom.    

“Strong families make for strong communities, and strong communities make strong nations,” stated Vice President Pence. “For our civilization to prosper – if we are to pass on the rights, freedoms, and culture we cherish to the next generation – our highest priority must be to preserve, renew and strengthen the families on which our nation is built.”

As President, Mike Pence will: 

Click here to watch Vice President Mike Pence’s address unveiling his plan to put American families first.  

The Pence plan will:

  1. Reduce financial burdens for America’s families, including adoption costs.

o   The Pence Administration will address the rising costs of healthcare and higher education, which have skyrocketed as a direct result of government interference. As inflation and government spending come down, so too will expenses for American families. 

o   President Pence will work with Congress to permanently extend and expand tax cuts for middle- and low-income families with children, which are set to expire in 2025.

o   High costs associated with adoption in this country often discourage prospective families from choosing adoption. The system needs to be as simple and affordable as possible. Government agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services should work to consolidate the current web of grants, tax incentives, and direct benefits into a mission-focused grant with the goal of providing no or low-cost adoptions to families across the country.

  1. Protect America’s children, especially the unborn.

o   Mike Pence will work with Congress to pass a 15-week abortion ban to protect unborn children nationwide. This minimum standard is essential to ensure that the lives of unborn children are protected in every state. 

o   President Pence will also support the adoption of a constitutional amendment to enshrine the right to life in our Nation’s Constitution. 

  1. End the war on traditional family values.

o   President Pence will issue Executive Orders directing all federal agencies to defund any programs or entities that accept federal money and provide surgical or chemical sexual reassignment on children in the U.S. or around the world. 

o   President Pence will also push for a Congressional, national ban on child gender reassignment a priority of his legislative agenda. This ban will ensure that protecting children is the law of the land and cannot be superseded or ignored by radical governors in liberal states.

  1. Advance universal school choice.  

o   President Pence will work with Congress to eliminate the unnecessary Department of Education and return that funding and decision-making back to parents. 

o   The $84 billion currently spent by bureaucrats will be returned to states with the one restriction that states taking federal dollars must grant children the flexibility to use their tax dollars at the school of their choice – public or parochial.