Press Release

Pence Releases Plan to Counter China and Restore American Strength

(Washington, D.C.) – Vice President Mike Pence released his foreign policy plan for a stronger and more secure America in an address at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. today. Vice President Pence articulated a clear vision for the path forward: one that embraces the responsibilities of global leadership in order to secure freedom and prosperity here at home, and stability abroad.  

“Under the leadership of President Biden, America is weaker and less secure,” stated Vice President Mike Pence. “Our nation’s adversaries outpace us in military spending, while the Biden-Harris administration devotes our nation’s resources to wasteful and woke programs at the Department of Defense. Our government has neglected our dearest allies, and turned a blind eye to the greatest threat to our prosperity, security, and values on the face of the earth: the Chinese Communist Party.” 

“Complacency is a luxury we can ill-afford, especially when it comes to the very security of our nation. America must return to the path we forged under our administration, stand resolute in defense of our interests and values, even as we reach out our hand to our adversaries in the hope that they will reach back with deeds, not words, and with renewed respect for America,” concluded Pence.

Click here to watch Mike Pence’s speech on his vision to restore American strength and security.  

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