ICYMI: Mike Pence Says NO to Trump’s 10% Tariff Plan on Mornings with Maria

This morning, Mike Pence joined Mornings with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network, where he explained the harms Trump’s 10% tariff plan would impose on hard-working Americans.  Trump’s broad-sweeping 10% tariffs on all imported goods will be a tax increase on America’s families and would cost 500,000 American jobs.

Pence also explained his plan to address entitlement spending head-on, which both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are unwilling to do.

Mike Pence: Rein in Runaway Spending for Good
Mike Pence: Donald Trump’s Position on Spending is the Same as Joe Biden’s

In this morning’s interview, Pence also discussed his plan to counter the threat of communist China, explaining how our nation’s economic policies matter on the global stage. 

Mike Pence: Use the Economic Lever and China Will Come to the Table

Watch more of Pence’s interview with Maria Bartiromo here.