ICYMI: Mike Pence’s Recent Media Appearances

Mike Pence joined a variety of media outlets over the past week to share his plans to restore American strength, security, and prosperity.  In case you weren’t able to catch all his media appearances, please see a compilation below. 

As the U.S. national debt reached $33 trillion for the first time in history, Mike Pence released a statement calling for leadership that addresses the root causes of federal spending.  Pence also explained how Joe Biden’s inflationary policies are driving up costs for American families.

Mike Pence on Mornings with Maria: Rein in Runaway Spending for Good
Mike Pence on Squawk Box:
Time to do away with policies that are good for Beijing but bad for Detroit

As some others in the Republican field look for ways to avoid speaking about abortion, Mike Pence continues to be a staunch defender of the unborn and mothers.

Mike Pence on MediaBuzz: Life is a Winning Issue

Fox News Radio: Mike Pence: I See Trump Walking Away from a Commitment To the Right to Life.

The Hill: Pence slams Trump’s abortion rhetoric: He’s ‘backing away’ from the cause.”

“Pence said he has been a champion of the anti-abortion cause since his days as a governor and congressman. If he were president, he said he would fight for ‘as strong protections as we can.’”

Recently, Mike Pence released his plan to put American families and values first.  On Sunday Night in America yesterday, Pence discussed that pro-family agenda with Trey Gowdy.  During that discussion, Pence outlined some of the challenges facing American families today–and presented his vision to reduce the burdens they currently shoulder. 

Mike Pence on Sunday Night in America: A Pro-Family Agenda

A key part of Mike Pence’s plan to put American families and values first is the advancement of school choice. Pence has long been a champion of school choice and spoke about the importance of competition in American education.

Mike Pence on Squawk Box: Teachers Unions and Why Schools are Falling Behind

On The Faulkner Focus last week, Mike Pence did what Joe Biden has failed to do: he clearly explained our national interest in Ukraine. As Pence often says, “Ukraine is not our war, but freedom is our fight. America must stand with Ukraine.”

Mike Pence on The Faulkner Focus:
America’s National Interest in Ukraine and Where Trump Gets It Wrong

Last week, Mike Pence also released a one-pager about the damage Donald Trump’s middle-class tax increase would impose on hard-working families.
On New Hampshire radio, Pence detailed why the Trump 10% tariff plan is the wrong response to the threat of China and offered a plan for the Republican party to support American workers instead.  Listen to the entire interview on WFEA 1370AM here.  

CNBC: Pence trashes Trump’s tax plan, says 10% tariff would ‘increase inflation at the worst possible time’

“An across-the-board tariff like the one Trump has proposed would worsen inflation and “reward adversaries like China,” Pence’s GOP presidential campaign said in an unusually sharp one-page memo. The memo takes direct aim at Trump, Pence’s former boss and the current front-runner in the Republican presidential primary, while attempting to draw a line between Trump’s current agenda and the one enacted when they both occupied the White House.”