As news from Israel continues to develop, Mike Pence joined John Roberts and Sandra Smith today on Fox’s America Reports to discuss what the White House must do to meet this moment with American strength, including putting economic pressure on Iran and imposing snap-back sanctions against the Iranian regime.

Take a moment to watch some highlights from the discussion:

Pence: Meet This Moment With American Strength
Pence: Impose Snapback Sanctions, Put Economic Pressure on Iran, and Stand By Our Most Cherished Ally

Click here to watch Mike Pence’s full interview on America Reports today.

More national coverage about the need for Pence’s foreign policy vision of peace through strength:

Washington Examiner: Israel war: Pence’s peace-through-strength priorities are crucial now and forever

“With Hamas’s terrorism against Israel dominating the news this week, former Vice President Mike Pence looks all the wiser in having spent the three prior weeks spreading Reaganite wisdom about defense and foreign policy.

“Pence understands that the safety and interests of Americans are best protected through American engagement, American leadership, American toughness, American arms, American support for allies, and American military might. That combination actually makes it less likely, not more, that American fighters actually will face combat — and less likely that American civilians will be threatened or their livelihoods hampered or destroyed.

“No matter who wins the presidency, the U.S. will be better off if Pence’s principles and priorities govern the diplomacy and defense policies used in the Oval Office.”