Day One Executive Action

Mike Pence knows that the purpose of government is to protect American lives and to protect our God-given freedoms.   

As President, Mike Pence will spend his first day in the White House unwinding Biden’s disastrous economic agenda, securing our border, defending unborn life, ensuring the safety of every American, and protecting children from the radical transgender agenda.   

While we must work with Congress to pass our aggressive legislative agenda, there are immediate steps that must be taken to restore America. On his first day in office, President Pence will take the following Executive Actions.   

Protect American Security 

Protect American Workers  

Protect American Values   


Protect American Security 

Ensure America’s global military dominance: Over the past decade, our adversaries have increased military spending at a rate that far outpaces the United States. Military spending in China, for instance, grew by 134% between 2011 and 2021. During that same time period, U.S. spending on defense increased by only 17%. As we speak, Russia is now expected to double its annual defense spending budget in 2023 alone. When it comes to developing military resources, America can no longer afford to be outpaced by communists and dictators. On Day One, President Pence will require the Pentagon to develop a strategy to surpass our enemy’s military spending growth and require that our defense budget is equal to at least 3.5% of GDP. It is beyond time we not only rebuild America’s Military, but build a military equipped for the 21st century.  

End Department of Defense focus on social and transgender programs: The purpose and focus of the United States military should solely be the protection of our country and its citizens. Under President Biden, the Department of Defense has unfortunately become a laboratory for liberal social experimentation. The change in focus is a disservice to the brave men and women proudly serving this nation in the military. President Pence will end the transgender agenda at the Department of Defense on day one. He will stop taxpayer funding for gender transitions and make our goals clear to the men and women protecting this country.  

Detain and deport illegal immigrants at the border: According to recent documents made public as a part of a lawsuit against President Biden’s disastrous border policy, it was revealed that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) released 79,652 illegal immigrants into the country in one month alone (June 2022). This policy encourages a surge at our southern border that has resulted in a human rights tragedy. President Pence will issue guidance to ensure that immigrants illegally crossing into this country are humanely detained and processed at the border.  

Reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy: On his first day in office, President Pence will reinstate the successful Remain in Mexico policy that curbed the influx of illegal immigrant caravans making their way through Mexico. Under the Department of Homeland Security policy, individuals who do not initially file for asylum claims in their country of origin will be required to remain in Mexico while their claims are processed instead of being released directly into the United States.  

Instruct federal agencies to immediately restart border wall construction: In 2021, President Biden unilaterally ordered the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security to cease construction of border protection barriers and cancel contracts for construction of a border wall. This politically motivated decision denied funding to secure our border that had been legally appropriated by Congress. President Pence will immediately restart construction of protective barriers in order to secure our southern border.  

Surge resources for law enforcement personnel in higher crime areas: Crime remains one of the most important issues facing Americans today, with murder 24% higher than pre-pandemic levels and motor vehicle thefts more than double pre-pandemic levels. In order to protect Americans at the mercy of violent criminals and ideologues who refuse to acknowledge the basic realities of how to combat crime, President Pence will immediately surge federal resources and personnel to the areas most in need. 

Defund district attorneys who put criminals back on the streets: Liberals in major American cities have been working for years to install progressive district attorneys who have abolished cash bail and immediately return violent criminals to the streets. As a result of these efforts, crime has surged in our country’s largest cities. By ordering the Department of Justice to block federal funding for district attorneys who let violent criminals back on the streets, President Pence will begin to reverse these devastating policies and restore law and order in our most vulnerable communities.  

End politically motivated Department of Justice investigations: Repeated instances of a two-tiered justice system have shaken the national trust in the America’s judiciary and federal law enforcement officials. Too often, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies appear to be giving special treatment to some Americans while persecuting others who share different political affiliations from the party in power. On day one, President Pence will restore confidence in the federal law enforcement and judicial systems by ordering the Department of Justice to review all current investigations and cease politically motivated prosecutions against Americans.  

Lift vaccine mandates on healthcare workers and first responders: Although the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate for every American worker, mandates for healthcare workers and first responders were allowed to remain in place. Until just a few months ago, President Biden had a mandate in place that forced some frontline workers to get a vaccine against their will or lose their job. Although the federal mandate is finally gone, many states and localities have mandates in place that punish first responders and make it hard to hire the people that protect our communities. On day one, President Pence will issue an order to freeze funding used to enforce state or local mandates on frontline workers.  

Protect American Workers  

Freeze non-defense federal spending: President Biden’s unsustainable and unnecessary spending binge has driven inflation to rise by 17% since he took office. That is a direct tax on the paychecks of American workers. In 2021, his first year in office, President Biden spent a record-breaking $6.8 trillion dollars, a 71% increase from the $3.98 trillion spent in 2017. Of that amount, $2.7 trillion was borrowed from other countries like China. President Pence will directly order all agencies to freeze spending at current levels and veto any bill that increases non-defense expenditures.  

Reverse Biden energy Executive Orders to unleash American energy: On his very first day in office, Biden took executive action to stop all gas and oil production on public land. From that day until now, this President has made it clear that he opposes the production of affordable American energy. The result of President Biden’s anti-energy policies has been predictably higher costs for American families and more reliance on foreign adversaries. Since Biden took office, electricity has increased by 24% and gas has gone up 60%. Higher prices for energy are passed on to consumers and increase the cost for every product that is grown on a farm, built in a factory, or shipped on a truck.  

End work from home for federal workers: Americans around the country have gotten back to work since the pandemic ended and are working to get this economy moving again. Meanwhile, federal employees are still working from home at record rates. According to government statistics, 47% of government employees teleworked in 2021. Federal bureaucrats should be working just as hard as the American workers they are supposedly serving. That’s why President Pence will issue an executive order to get federal employees back to work immediately.  

Reinstate rules that protect work for independent contractors in the gig economy: Recognizing the changing nature of work and the growth of platforms that connect workers with customers, the Trump/Pence Administration advanced a rule to simplify and clarify when a worker should be classified as an employee or is effectively in business for themself and should be classified as an independent contractor. The Biden administration is moving to instead weight the test in favor of classifying more workers as employees, dealing a blow to businesses that rely on independent contractors like ridesharing or delivery services. Reinstating the Trump/Pence-era rule would support businesses and job growth by allowing companies flexibility in structuring their labor needs in an evolving economy. 

Reject Biden rule that requires companies to track emissions through supply chains: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is moving to require large, publicly traded companies to track and discloses greenhouse gas emissions not only at their own businesses, but also throughout their supply chains. This nod to President Biden’s radical climate agenda would be a burdensome requirement that would require heavy time and resources in order to comply. 

End Biden’s ESG investment rule for retirement savings: As part of the Biden Administrations push to force companies to invest in liberal social causes, the Department of Labor recently issued a rule encouraging retirement planners to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when making investments for clients. This misguided policy puts the retirement savings of millions of American workers at risk in order to artificially funnel money to Democratic subsidiaries.  

Allow the safe transportation of liquid natural gas domestically: Natural gas is a clean burning and abundant energy resource in the United States. In fact, natural gas accounts for a third of all energy used in America. Unfortunately, President Biden has targeted liquified natural gas (LNG) during his war on American energy. The current Administration has sought to limit the use of clean LNG by placing new regulatory restrictions on the transportation of natural gas. These regulations will be lifted on day one to ensure American workers have better access to clean and affordable American energy.  

Reverse Biden’s agreement to allow international entities to tax American companies: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen forged a deal with the OECD – the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – to effectively target U.S. multinational corporations and tech companies with a global minimum corporate tax of 15%. If the effective tax rate of an American company falls below the global minimum rate, under the OECD framework, foreign countries would be allowed to impose a “top-up” tax on American companies despite the will of Congress. The U.S. should not abdicate any authority to foreign entities or countries. 

Protect American Values   

Appoint the most conservative cabinet and judiciary ever assembled: As President Pence assembles his cabinet, he will make it his top priority to promote only individuals who oppose abortion and child sexual reassignment.  

Repeal Executive Orders that require the government to provide abortive services: The Biden Administration has used executive fiat to encourage abortion and funnel taxpayer money to organizations that end the lives of unborn babies. Any executive actions taken under President Biden to promote abortion through the Department of Health and Human Services will be immediately repealed in keeping with the intent of Congress.  

Drop all federal legal support for abortion in the states: On June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in its Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. Since that historic win for the rights of unborn children, numerous states have exercised their constitutional authority to limit access to abortive procedures that kill unborn babies. Those states are now facing costly and unnecessary legal challenges meant to expand abortion. The Department of Justice under President Biden has established a “Reproductive Rights Task Force” for the purpose of assisting those suing states. That task force will be immediately eliminated and efforts to fight state limits on abortion will be abandoned.  

Stop funding for any child transgender reassignment procedures: Under President Biden, federal agencies have adopted rules and guidance that promote the use of surgery and chemicals to transition children. Today, the Department of Health and Human Services’ official guidance to medical providers states that “early gender affirming care is crucial to overall health.” President Pence will reverse these misguided policies on day one and make it clear that government health agencies will never advocate for radical transgender ideology. President Pence will also issue Executive Orders directing all agencies to defund any programs that accept federal money and provide surgical or chemical gender reassignment on children in the U.S. or around the world. 

Block funding for schools that promote child sexual reassignment: Across the country, public schools are instituting new curricula that promote a progressive transgender agenda to children in grades as low as kindergarten. Often, these lessons are carried out without the consent of parents and administered by teachers who actively encourage students to change their natural born gender. Schools should be a place where children can learn without fear of being subject to oversexualized liberal indoctrination. The Department of Education will issue guidance opposing transgender curricula and begin the process of blocking federal funding for districts that promote transgender education in elementary school.  

Reinstate protections for religious expression in federal contracting: Protecting religious liberty and the ability of individuals to actively conduct their lives based on their beliefs is a fundamental role of government under the Constitution. That is why federal contracting rules have long included exceptions that allow men and women to practice their faith and still compete for federal contracts. The Biden Administration recently rescinded rules that protect faith-based employers during the contracting process. This action is a direct attack on individuals and businesses that express their faith. These Biden rules would immediately be repealed and protections for religious expression would be restored.