Five Steps to Protect Our Children

As President, Mike Pence will implement sweeping policies to protect children from the permanent, life-altering gender reassignment procedures promoted by the radical left. Government’s highest priority is to protect the citizens it serves, and Pence’s plan will leverage the power of executive action, the courts, and Congress to protect kids.  

1. Reverse Joe Biden’s Radical Transgender Agenda at Federal Agencies 

Under President Biden, federal agencies have adopted rules and guidance that promote the use of surgery and chemicals to transition children. Today, the Department of Health and Human Services’ official guidance to medical providers states that “early gender affirming care is crucial to overall health.”

President Pence will reverse these misguided policies on day one and make it clear that government health agencies will never advocate for radical transgender ideology.  

2. Executive Orders to Stop Federal Dollars from Funding Child Reassignment 

The federal government will spend $1.9 trillion on health care services in 2023, accounting for almost 30% of all government spending. Not one of those dollars should be used to pay for surgical or chemical child gender reassignment.  

President Pence will issue Executive Orders directing all agencies to defund any programs that accept federal money and provide surgical or chemical sexual reassignment on children in the U.S. or around the world.  

3. Protect Children in the Courts 

Dozens of states across the country have already taken steps to defend children from the radical transgender agenda by passing laws to restrict harmful medical reassignment from being performed on kids. Unfortunately, activist judges are already starting to use the court system to block these important laws. 

President Pence will direct government lawyers at the Department of Justice to defend state and local laws that protect children from surgical or chemical reassignment and ensure that any federal judges he appoints oppose using these procedures on kids. 

4. Use the Federal Budget Process to Defund Reassignment Providers 

Unfortunately, many major medical providers and institutions have adopted the far-left transgender ideology that advocates for surgical and chemical reassignment for children as young as eight years old. Almost all of these institutions accept money from the federal government. 

President Pence will work with Congress to block federal funds for providers who conduct surgical or chemical reassignment on children. 

5. Work with Congress to Permanently Ban Chemical and Surgical Reassignment for Anyone Under 18 

The best way to stop the radical left from mutilating children is to ban surgical and chemical reassignment for kids nationwide. These laws will include swift punishment for anyone who performs reassignment surgery on a child.  

President Pence will work with Congress to enact a national ban on child gender reassignment. This law will totally ensure that no woke governors in liberal states can harm children in the name of the radical transgender agenda.  

Other Candidates Should Follow Pence’s Leadership 

A comprehensive policy approach is the only way to ensure that children under 18 are not subject to experimental chemical and surgical transgender reassignment.  

Mike Pence calls on all other presidential candidates and national leaders to support each step of this plan to defend children once and for all. Only by coalescing behind a legitimate policy strategy can we protect children from coast to coast from the radical transgender agenda.